Michigan Kizomba Fusion Winterfest

By The Brewer Method (other events)

Thu, Dec 27 2018 6:00 PM Tue, Jan 1 2019 6:00 AM

The Michigan Kizomba Fusion Winterfest - The Ultimate NYE Escape (Dec 27 - Jan 1)

A 3-in-1 event featuring:
-24 Hour Kizomba Dance Marathon
-12 Hours Intensive Workshops
-1 Unforgettable New Years Eve Gala

Featuring Artists:

Audi MPK - Dallas, TX | Pamela MPK - Dallas, TX | Charles Ogar - Austin, TX | Marc Brewer - Detroit, MI |DJ Mojo (Johan Raffin) - San Jose, CA | Tarah Stephanie - Montreal, QC | DJ Casanova (Jovan Toussaint) - Boston, MA | Jhanelle Loraine - Toronto, ON | Eugene ‘Tin Man’ Cleveland - Rochester, NY | Yesi Harrison - Detroit, MI | Eddy-Alejandro Velazquez - Detroit, MI | Mike Ahombi - Ottawa, ON | Charlene Delgado - Boston, MA | DJ Layla J (Heather Musallam) - Detroit, MI | Rose Turuka - Grand Rapids, MI | Griselle Agosto Rodriguez - San Juan, PR | Adriel Garcia - San Juan, PR | McArlain Morilus - NYC | And more to be announced...

Are you looking for a change from the ordinary this NYE? Are you ready for an immersive experience, bringing together the art of connection, movement and playfulness in dance? We're bringing a fresh twist to your traditional New Years celebration and we'd love for you to join us.

Immerse yourself in a dance experience like no other. We're bringing you 5 intense days of training, social dancing and social connection to take your dancing to the next level. Interested? Well, it doesn't stop there. At the Michigan Kizomba Fusion Fest we want you to get to know your partners and truly understand connectng through different means. We’ve put together a 5 day escape in the heart of Michigan that will allow you to decompress, explore your mind, and reach new levels of dancing that you didn't think were possible. What does that entail?


Surround yourself with true holiday spirit in what Reader’s Digest and USA Today call “one of the Top 10 Holiday experiences” in the country.  Join the local Michigan Kizomba Community for an outing to Greenfield Village “Holiday Nights”. Mingle with merrymakers amid the smells of roasting chestnuts and warm bonfires: the sounds of carolers, fiddlers and sleigh bells: and other yuletide activity during Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village. Every lantern-lit path takes you to a new winter wonder to discover. Strap on a pair of ice skates, send a shout-out to Santa and his magnificent reindeer, find your reflection in a handcrafted ornament and nestle into a horse-drawn wagon for a sing-along through Greenfield Village. Our 80 acres of living traditions etch America’s most heartwarming holiday experiences into your memories. Main Street brims with holiday goods, food and warm beverages. Historical home tours open the doors to centuries of favorite family holiday traditions. From the finest tinseled detail to the fireworks-filled sky that marks each evening’s finale, make our Christmas story a cherished part of your own.

Your experience includes:

-Santa and Live Reindeer
-Carolers and Live Musical Performances
-Holiday Vignettes and Activities Featuring Costumed Presenters
-Decorated Homes and Shops
-Holiday Cooking Demonstrations
-Historic Rides on Horse-Drawn Wagons, Model T’s and the 1913 Herschell-Spillman Carousel
-Skilled Artisan Demonstrations
-Christmas Trees and Greens Sale
-Fireworks Finale and Sing-Along


Official Pre-party! Explore real connections with your partners as we get to know each other better. We'll use this day to experience the best of Michigan and prepare for the long weekend ahead.


We're getting down to business now. Train your body to match your mind with a full day of workshops going through the essentials and challenging yourself to reach new Kizomba heights. In our intensive labs you will find over 12 hours workshops from 20 instructors delivering epic training and playful relation exercises where you’ll get to know yourself and each other in a profound way.


24-Hour Kizomba Marathon- Starting at 12:01am on Saturday evening/Sunday morning, head into the night and enter our 24 hour non-stop journey of Kiz social dancing goodness. We're setting the mood with an incredible DJ set to keep your body moving all day long. Relax, cuddle, get a massage, or simply decompress at our Bliss Lounge. Experience the Chillout Cafe - offering an open place to share and explore, grab some snacks, practice, play games, and enjoy a photo booth. Kizomba Olympics - We're bringing summer camp playfulness into lighthearted competition and team games. The tournament will invite attendees to dive deeper than the competition to experiment with what it means to connect with others whether they're "on your side" or not. 


Start your day with relaxation, or by releasing some energy as we go ice skate at the rink at Campus Martius, Michigan’s premier family-friendly outdoor skating rink in Downtown Detroit. Monday evening, what better way to enter in the New Year, than to share it with the people you've spent an entire weekend with. Put on your gala gear and dress to impress as we're putting together an unforgettable night where you can Kiz to your hearts content. Glam yourself up to enjoy a full course dinner and dessert before counting down to midnight with 10 hours of social dancing from dusk til dawn. Bring together all of your connections for what is sure to be an incredible night of Kizomba all night long.

Ready to escape? Book your place in the Michigan Kizomba Festival before we sell out. We're offering 50 Full Escape tickets available at $150 until October 31st. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Kizomba NYE Experience with us. You won't be disappointed!


Passes are non-refundable. Passes are transferrable to another name.